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 * Disassembler common routines
 * Copyright (C) 1995-2007 by Jeffery L. Post
 * j_post <AT> pacbell <DOT> net
 * common.h - Support routines
 * Version 3.4.1 - 2007/09/02
 *    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *    the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
 *    (at your option) any later version.
 *    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *    GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA

#ifndef     _COMMON_H_
#define     _COMMON_H_

#ifdef      EXTENDED_MEM
#define     EXT_PGM_SEGS      8     /* maximum number of extended segments: 8 * 64kb = 512kb */

// Global variables

extern char licenseText[];

extern char src[FN_LEN], dst[FN_LEN];     // file name buffers
extern char baseFileName[FN_LEN];         // source file name without extension
extern char ctl[FN_LEN];                              // control file name
extern char linebuffer[MAX_LINE];         // input line buffer
extern FILE *fp;                                            // dos file struct
extern int  hexflag;                                        // append hex flag
extern int  fileflag;                                 // file type flag
extern int  upperflag;                                // upper case output flag
extern int  baseflag;
extern bool traceflag;                                // trace and analyze code
extern int  kcnt;                                           // output char counter
extern int  pc;                                             // current program counter
extern int  himark;                                         // highest data adrs
extern int  offset;                                         // program counter offset
extern byte *pgmmem;                                        // program data pointer
extern int  *pgmflags;                                // pointer to program flags

#ifdef      EXTENDED_MEM
extern byte *epgmmem[EXT_PGM_SEGS];       // extended program memory pointers
extern int  *epgmflags[EXT_PGM_SEGS];     // extended program flags pointers

extern char string[ASCLIMIT];                   // ascii data for defb
extern int  asc_cnt;                                        // count for string data
extern byte byte_data[BYTELIMIT];         // binary data for defb
extern int  byte_cnt;                                 // count for binary data
extern int  word_data[WORDLIMIT];         // binary data for defw
extern int  word_cnt;                                 // count for word data
extern byte dump;                                           // dump just done flag
extern byte ascii_flag;                               // use ascii string flag
extern char defbstr[8];                               // string for defined bytes
extern char defwstr[8];                               // string for defined words
extern char ascistr[8];                               // string for defined ascii
extern char orgstr[8];                                 // org pseudo-op string
extern char equstr[8];                                 // equ pseudo-op string

extern struct sym *sym_tab;                           // symbol table pointer
extern struct sym *lab_tab;                           // label table pointer
extern struct sym *name_tab;                          // operand names pointer
extern struct sym *sym_tab_last;                      // last symbol table pointer
extern struct sym *lab_tab_last;                      // lastlabel table pointer
extern struct sym *name_tab_last;               // last name table pointer
extern int              symbol_count;                       // number of symbols
extern int              label_count;                        // number of labels
extern int              name_count;                         // number of operand names

extern SYM_PTR          *sym_val_index;               // array of pointers
extern SYM_PTR          *lab_val_index;               //  for binary search
extern SYM_PTR          *name_val_index;
extern struct sym *tail_ptr, *head_ptr;   // sort pointers

extern struct comment   *comment_list;          // header comment list
extern struct comment   *icomment_list;   // inline comment list
extern struct comment   *patch_list;            // patch list

extern int              newline;                                  // just output newline flag
extern struct tm  *date_time;                         // disassembly time

extern bool cycleflag;                                      // cycle counting global on/off switch
extern bool cycle_exclude;                                  // cycle counting suspended flag
extern bool cycle_alwaystake;                         // cycle counting "always take" (worst case) flag
extern CYCLE_RANGE_PTR  cycle_r;                      // cycle counting root range
extern CYCLE_RANGE_PTR  cycle_current;          // cycle counting current range

// Prototypes

#if defined __LCC__
extern int  strcasecmp(char *s1, char *s2);
extern int  strncasecmp(char *s1, char *s2, size_t n);

extern bool             init_memory(void);

#ifdef      EXTENDED_MEM
extern byte             *get_extended_mem(int width);

extern char             *makeupper(char *str);
extern int              parseFileName(char *str, char *ext);
extern int              readfile(char *filename);
extern void             getCTLoffset(void);
extern void             getcode(char *from, byte *loc);
extern char             *get_adrs(char *text, int *val);
extern void             error(char *str1, char *str2);                  // fatal error trap
extern struct sym *sort(struct sym *list, SYM_PTR *array, int count);
extern struct sym *sort_by_name(struct sym *list);
extern struct sym *sort_by_value(struct sym *list);
extern struct sym *merge_by_name(struct sym *a, struct sym *b);
extern struct sym *merge_by_value(struct sym *a, struct sym *b);
extern void             chk_dup_name(struct sym *list, int count);
extern void             chk_dup_op_name(struct sym *list, int count);
extern void             chk_dup_value(struct sym *list, int count);
extern void             chk_dup_op_value(struct sym *list, int count);
extern char             *find_entry(int val, int count, SYM_PTR *table);
extern SYM_PTR          find_name(char *name, int count, SYM_PTR *table);
extern struct sym *get_smem(int type, int req_size);
extern struct sym *add_entry(int val, char *symbol, int type);
extern void             output_comment(int adrs);
extern void             output_icomment(int adrs);
extern void             output_patch(int adrs);
extern void             add_comment(int adrs, char *str);
extern void             add_icomment(int adrs, char *str);
extern void             add_patch(int adrs, char *str);
extern void             puthex(int j);
extern int              ascii(int i);
extern int              is_ascii(byte data);
extern int              atox(char *str);
extern void             splitcheck(int i);
extern void             chk_ref(int i);
extern void             chk_label(int i);
extern void             doopcode(char *mnem);
extern void             dump_ascii(int adrs);
extern void             dump_bytes(int adrs);
extern void             readcyclefile(char *c);
extern void             cycle_in(int num, int next_num, int cnt, int cnt2);
extern void             cycle_end(int num);

// --- although I know this is not properly declared here,
// I know no better way how to make it usable in common.c ---
//     (haven't I told that I am not really into C? :-) )  -- JW
// so it is assumed that all 3 ports (d52, d48, dz80) do have
// these tables implemented (in XXXtables.c)
extern unsigned char    cycles[256];
extern unsigned char    cycles2[256];

#endif      //    _COMMON_H_

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